The Unfaithful Land

There has to be something wrong with the land which is known to be a shelter for "Militants" and "Anti-Nationals". Whose Militants are hailed as "Martyrs". Whose people demand for independence from the world's largest democracy.

There is indeed something wrong with this land. This is the land of tired, oppressed, helpless yet hopeful people. This is the land where the youth spends more time in jails than in colleges. The issue goes to an insane level as two countries are fighting for this land and no one cares as to what the people living there actually want. This is Kashmir.

The fact that Kashmir has no place for organized and non-violent protests upsets me. Organizing protests is the fundamental right of every citizen of the country. The protests however need to be non-violent and shouldn't incite hate.

The protests in Kashmir involve all sorts of activities that are disliked by Nationalist Indians. But every problem has a reason and there are quite a lot disturbing reasons behind the Anti-India protests.

Just imagine watching Army men getting into your house, shooting your father or raping your mother. That's what they have been through. And in case any of your family members lands into jail under the PSA (public safety act), they would be tortured for two years without any trial. Even if they get released after two years, proven to be innocent, there's no compensation for them. They won't get their jobs back, nor will they be able to get a passport to travel abroad in search of another job.

In case the frustrated people protest by throwing stones, pellet guns are waiting for them to shoot them in their eyes and ruin their lives. But remember one thing, pellet guns are to be regarded as "Non-Lethal". Unlike in Kashmir and North-east India, your protests in any other part of the country will make you face water cannons and tear gas. Isn't that more painful? At least you will cry due to the gas unlike those who lost their eyes during protests.

The constitution of Kashmir says that it is an integral part of India. The irony is that the dream of a Digital India looks like a castle in the air in Kashmir. Kashmir needs education, electricity and love. Why would your son live with you if you provide all facilities to your other children and not a penny to him?

It's been a long time since the people are fighting. It is not possible to hide the issue by banning the publication of newspapers. We need to win their hearts and convince them to be with us. To be proud of India. "We don't need to have talks with Pakistan. We need to talk to Kashmir." We need to have the courage to listen to them. To know what they really want and to help them. The issue must come to an end as neither the Kashmiris nor the Army men deserve a life haunted by death. The country has other major issues as well such as poverty, corruption, education etc which need much more attention and effort to be resolved.

Image credits: The Indian Express, Shuaib Masoodi
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