Google's Allo - A Brief Guide

It's finally here! The much awaited Google's chat messenger "Allo" was launched yesterday. The application does have some unique features which might help it lead the race it has just entered!
Messaging apps like Whatsapp and We Chat are one of the most popular apps on the store. But Allo isn't just about messaging. It comes with some really cool features and most of them will be discussed in this article. 

Allo has quite a clean and simple user interface. It doesn't have any personaliation options as of yet. So you got to stick to the white interface for the time being.

The first message that you recieve on the app is from Google Assistant, a new feature, which briefs you about it's abilities as an artificial intelligence bot. It'll give you a list of things you can ask for which includes games, translation, jokes, weather, restaurants, flights, answers to your questions and news. Here's the first thing I asked for:

The bot is designed to perform a variety of functions and tricks. If you send him a picture, it will try it's best to tell you about it. Or if it is unable to do so, it'll give you this smart reply- "Yes, I can see images :)"

Also, it has been programmed with some funny responses. Ask him whether he's alive? or what's his favorite movie. You will also be able to set reminders and your emails through the app itself. This one app will thus help you clean your phone space.

All chat apps let you send pictures but Allo let's you draw on them. It also reduces your effort by giving you highly accurate chat predictions. You'll be able to send your location, GIFs and a large variety of stickers. The strange part is that there's no option to send audio files of documents as of now. 

A distinctive feature is the Incognito chat mode. You can set a chat expiration time which can vary from 5 seconds to a week.The chat will be end-to-end encrypted which means that only the communicating users can read each other's messages. Now here's the catch! Remember the news of a change in the privacy policies of Whatsapp which is still being debated? There are reports which suggest that only the chats in Allo's incognito mode will be end-to-end encrypted. The messages you send in normal chats will go to Google! This might be a topic for debate for some time now and might also have some effect on the user base of Allo.

The hub of public debates and discussions, Twitter, has not responded well to the app launch. A large number of security experts are advising to stay away from Allo.

In this kind of a situation, it would be quite difficult to predict the future of Google's new app. I believe it is better to take precautions in situations like this. To use it or not depends on you because people used Whatsapp even before their chats got end-to-end encrypted. 
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