Double Standards

Spring has just sprung and thousands of parents have geared up for one of the biggest challenges of parenthood. This fight depends on their hardships over the past few years, their financial status and above all- their luck. Unlike past few years, they can't enjoy the fruits of spring this year, for they have to participate in the admission marathon, going from one school to another, standing in never ending queues to get their child admitted to a good & reputed school.
Amongst those who took part in this marathon, were Navjot's parents. Navjot was a sweet boy instilled with traits of curiosity & determination. He was born to devout Sikh parents and loved to go to the gurudwara.

As he used to play with friends with diverse backgrounds, he often used to question his parents about his different appearance. As he asked why he couldn't style his hair, his parents used to tell him stories of their ancestors and how they fought hard to let their descendants practise their faith. Learning the stories of the gurus, he started wearing his turban with pride.

Navjot was selected for the interview and impressed the teachers with his adorable nature. His parents could now be at rest for some time.

Ayesha was also selected for the interview. She too was born to devout parents and was just as bright as Navjot. Her humility could put grown ups to shame. Ayesha used to wear a scarf around her head just like her mother.Even though she was able to clear her interview, there was another challenge for her. The school could allow her only if she didn't wear her scarf to school. Her parents were deeply saddened by this news. Her mother wanted to give her the best education possible. But she couldn't let go of what she considered to be their identity. This was probably just the starting of the obstacles in Ayesha's life.

Isn't it worth thinking as to why are Muslim women considered to be oppressed for wearing a Hijab but Sikh men aren't for wearing a turban?
We feel that a Muslim woman must've been forced to wear a Hijab while the Sikh man is merely following his religion. The fact is that neither of them feel oppressed. Both of them feel pride in following their religious sentiments. What changes our perception about each is how we are conditioned to think about them in our daily lives.
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